UI / UX Design

User interface design (UID) is just to design software application layouts while User experience design (UXD) is to enhance them, for better user’s satisfaction. A UI designer tries to make, the user interaction as simple and efficient as possible, while a UX designer is bound to improve interaction between the customer and the product. A UI Designer and a UX designer generally work together for delivering an ultimate user satisfaction. The UI/UX design utilizes graphic design to support its usability, influencing user interactions for further refining the aesthetic appeal of the design.

Today, UI/UX design services are used in wide range of industry, thus a designer should have specialization in certain types of projects and should posses unique skills and knowledge.

At Origzo, we understand an UI/UX is the core design element of any software-based offering including web and mobile apps. Also, a UI/UX comprehends the way, a user will explore content or its element in a solution, our UI/UX designers fulfil this by balancing technical functionality with visual elements (e.g., mental model), creating a highly operational user system. Our UI designs are not only attractive and usable, but also adaptable to changing user needs. The Origzo mantra is to make the design ‘people friendly’ and not technologically brilliant, a minimalistic approach for a brilliant design.

Origzo’s UI/UX Design Process

  • Framing Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Characterizing and Prioritizing
  • Scoping the Deliverables for Projects
  • Establishing Dependencies
  • Hiring Resources
  • Regaining Perspective

Origzo’s UI/UX Design Services

  • Software Product Application UI/UX Development
  • Web Communication Strategy Development
  • Mobile UI/UX Development
  • Custom UI/UX Development
  • Cross Platform UI/UX Development
  • iPhone UI/UX Development
  • Android UI/UX Development
  • Metro UI/UX Development
  • Wireframing UI/UX Design

Benefits Origzo’s UI/UX Design Services

  • Focus on the Experience
  • Close Attention to Design Patterns
  • Varied Use of Visual Hierarchy
  • Simplicity and Minimalistic Approach
  • Strict Adherence to UI/UX Design Guidelines

We provide you with integrated and cost efficient App UI/UX design services. With Origzo, we offer you peace of mind, by offering quality UI/UX services at a great price.


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