Social Media Customization

Whether a small business, a non-profit organization or an e-commerce site, building an influential social presence is very important for online success. The current social media kings YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook shows little sign of dwindling, making it important for creating engaging brand pages on these channels. With the proper calls to action, interesting layout, attractive design these social media channels can rocket you or your brand into immediate recognition.

Origzo can help you create strong and rich social media pages with right customization, suiting your business. We can assist in turning your audience with an awesome and unique social media identity – one that’ll turn heads and keep folks’ eyes glued to your feeds. Our social media designer not only provide you with unique social media page consist of cover/banner image, profile picture, background and the company logo but will also consistently update it to keep things fresh and interesting for the target audience.

From Facebook to Twitter to Youtube and more, we provide you with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with fully customized, professional social media pages that reach people and get them interacting with your business.

Social Media Customization with Origzo

  • Showcase the company’s branding, products and community.
  • Use the correct image sizes as per social media channel.
  • Designs created in RGB color mode.
  • Devotion to provide more space to images than text.
  • Close attention to the placement of profile picture interaction with the cover/banner header.
  • Designs abidance by each platform’s rules.
  • Visually consistent designs showcase the company’s branding, products and community.

Origzo’s Social Media Customization Services

  • Social Media Page Design
  • Social Media Page Creation
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Social Media Page Updating
  • Social Media Page Customization
  • Facebook Page Customization
  • Google Plus Page Customization
  • Youtube Channel Customization
  • Twitter Account Customization
  • LinkedIn Page Customization
  • Timeline Cover Design
  • Welcome Page (including custom-made icon) Design

Social Media Page Design With Origzo Advantages

Get your brand to stand out from the crowd. Seamlessly integrate your business into people’s lives and conversations, attract customers and grow your brand.

  • Highly customized profile pages.
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube -any customizable social network page.
  • Brand consistent graphics (headers, backgrounds profile images).
  • Logo design or re-design.
  • Professionally written bio and information sections.
  • Interconnection and integration between profiles and your website.


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