Project Execution at Origzo

Origzo, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is proud to have reached a platform where its work has been appreciated internationally, only by the support and trust of happy clients.

Origzo is recognized as one of the most trusted name in the field of mobile and web application development with excellent & professional team of developers, designers & quality analyst. We provide range of solutions from small size businesses to large enterprises. We provide custom software development to range of industry verticals by utilizing mobile, open source & Microsoft technologies.

Origzo takes this opportunity to familiarize you of the process it follows:

Scope Definition

The first step essential to have a great Mobile and Web application is that its a timely product with great quality and performance. As our tagline suggests, we give shape to the very thought a prospective client had ideated. Origzo thus ensures that the scope defined matches the current trends and helps generate optimum revenue.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Technical & Feasibility Analysis
  • Defining the scope through proposal
  • Client Apporval

Design Phase

UI/UX Designs for an application define the first impression. Its not just the features that are a priority for the users, the look and feel of the application can get it the maximum attention. Here is what we do to get you a great design :

  • Wireframe: Clarity of thought
  • UI Prototype: Visual Presenttion

We are well versed in designing 2D animations and graphics with Adobe tools.

Application Architecture

There is the architecture Behind a successful application that actually defines the functioning of it. The execution of this phase defines the success of the application. The Application Architecture includes :

  • Database Architecture
  • Technology Specification
  • Server Specification
  • Business Logic Implementation
  • Mapping of Database, Technology & Business Logic with UI

We ensure that the architecture is developed in such a way that it accommodates flexible future updates.

Development Practices

This is a core part of entire process where documentation takes the real form. We understand the value of development in every application and hence commit to provide industry best quality. Here are few practices that we follow in development stage:

  • Coding Standards & Best Practices
  • Code Review
  • Unit Testing
  • Centralized Code Revision Control

We keep ourselves updated with latest tools and technology to ensure performance & quality of the application while development.

Quality Testing

We have ISTQB certified software quality tester well equipped with tracking tools. This ensures a stable and quality application to end user.

  • ISTQB certified testers
  • Central Bug Tracking Tool
  • Documented Test Cases

We ensure to test application over different browsers, operating systems and mobile devices over wifi as well as carrier 2G/3G network connection.

Beta Version: Acceptance Testing

We provide beta version of final application to ensure performance and stability of application under semi live environment.

  • Frontend : All the features covered ensuring proper usability of application
  • Backend : Database with proper server configuration and performance
  • UAT : To determine if the requirements of specifications are met


This is the final and most critical phase of application. We assist our clients to deploy the application on live server ensuring that all the standards are met. Under mobile application, We help them to upload their mobile applications on respective stores.

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