Panda Punsj

Project Description

Most of us are bit sceptical about their public and work behaviour. For putting an end to this, at Origzo together with one of our prestigious clients, we made Panda Punsj. The central idea was to create an app helping people for getting a feedback about their work, behaviour and other traits. With Panda Punsj we were thinking to help people to improve their public sense with honest and unbiased feedback. A fun app to use while capable of providing with some serious feedback, Panda Punsj has following features:

  • Give Feedback For The Events And Performance Of The Speakers
  • Feedback Can Be In The Form Of Some Animal Pictures, Each Indicates Certain Performance Measure
  • Events Can Be Generated And Can Be Made It Visible To The Friends Within Application
  • Invited Friends Can Give Feedback At The End Of The Event Using The Same Application On His/Her Mobile
  • That Score Can Be Published On Social Media And Can Be Used To Challenge Others
  • User Can View Their Score And Get Feedback


As an app connecting that many peoples, the main challenge behind Panda Punsj as an application was to maintain its integrity while serving the purpose, it is meant for. In addition, this app was supposed to be used a lot during a long event, long events and battery life aren’t very good friends, so conserving battery life while keeping it updated was a tough task at hand too. The app experience totally depends upon backend and frontend synchronization, something that was very important to take care during testing phase, as well as post deployment.

  • Maintaining App Integrity While It Serves The Purpose
  • Fetching Details From Server Without Affecting User’s Mobile Battery Life
  • Flawless App’s Backend And Frontend Synchronization

Technical Details


  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad)
  • iOS 4.0 & Later


  • Android (Compatible To All The Phones And Tablets)
  • Os 2.2 To The Latest

Backend + Webservice:

  • PHP + MySql
  • JSON Parsing