Project Description

MotorWayBuddy is one of the most successful and exclusive guide to complete truck transport system that operates in the UK. The app aims to help truck drivers, truck stops and haulage companies operate safely, effectively and efficiently through mobile solution by streamlining all the operations.


  • GPS Location based Truck Listings
  • Real Time Traffic Information and Alerts
  • Truck Stop Facilities and Images
  • Parking Spaces & Price
  • Petrol & Service Stations
  • Works in Offline Mode
  • Map Based Search
  • Integration to Social Media
  • Cash Less Payment and Digital Transaction
  • Accident and Crime Reporting
  • Border Checks and Daily Reporting

MotorWayBuddy app enables the haulage industry to move in the right direction through mobile innovation.


Compiling a huge database but ensuring a quick accessibility and retrieval was the biggest challenge while developing the app. Mobile Solutions are constantly evolving and we had to make sure that all the ongoing operations in the truck transport system should be made available in real-time.

The app has a huge database and the client constantly requires add-ons. We had to make sure that the current working of the app is maintained while the new features are implemented.

Some of the crucial points we took care of are :


  • Fetching Details From Server Without Affecting User’s Mobile Battery-Life
  • Flawless Backend And Frontend Synchronization

Technical Details

  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad)
    * iOS 4.0 & Later
  • Android (Compatible To All The Phones And Tablets)
    * Os 2.2 To The Latest
  • PHP & MYSQL Database
  • Push-notification management
  • CMS WordPress Admin Panel