Don’t Forget Smart Reminder App

Project Description

Don’t Forget is the best app to keep a reminder of important things in-order to prevent you from forgetting or losing them.

This app consists of 3 different methods that allow you to stay updated and in control of your reminders and to-do lists.

  • Through GPS (marking a perimeter)
  • Pedometer, by recording the steps you are taking further away from an object
  • Timer that counts down a time to remind you of a particular object or duty you need to fulfill!

Many times we are in a hassle and have things to do and places to go. Important items such as documents for your next meeting, calculator for your next exam or even your sunglasses while out shopping are essential. They can delay your schedule when you tend to focus on something else or are in a hurry to leave. Don’t Forget makes sure you don’t forget anything.


The client wanted an app which takes care of day-to-day functions and requirements and also keeps the user up-to-date with his to-do list.
The integration of Pedometer and use of GPS to maintain accuracy in reminders was a crucial task and we acheived it to client’s satisfaction.

Technical Details


  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad)
  • iOS 4.0 & Later


  • Android (Compatible To All The Phones And Tablets)
  • OS 2.2 To The Latest