Brownlow Tracker

Project Description

One of our clients came up with this incredible idea for making voting during upcoming AFL season more interesting. His idea was to build an app doing more than just allowing users to track their own votes for an AFL game. So, we came up with BrownLaw Tracker. BrownLaw Tracker makes a user to enter 3, 2 or 1 vote/s for a game in any of AFL round, once a game selected, he/she will be presented with a option to select either of teams in that game. Then, he/she’ll be presented with a list of players in that team and an option to give them either of 1, 2 or 3 votes.

Based on those selections and voting patterns two leaderboards are generated one for overall performance, another for a particular club, subsequently updating as the voting and selection procedure progresses.


The biggest challenge we faced during BrownLaw Tracker was the strict deadline, which we needed to work on, as the app needs to be completely working before the start of tournament. On top of strict timeline and close deadline, we needed to keep constant co-ordination and communication with the client; being a real time app, we wanted it to be perfect at launch, also updating it before conclusion of season would looked extremely unpleasant. Another important factor that we had kept in mind was to make it as accurate and robust as possible, there would be thousand of user using it simultaneously during an AFL game. We tested the app thoroughly for guaranteeing accuracy and almost zero lapse time, while leaderboard’s data being updated concurrently with the actual game.

Technical Details


  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad)
  • iOS 4.0 & Later


  • Android (Compatible To All The Phones And Tablets)
  • Os 2.2 To The Latest

Website + Backend:

  • WordPress Website
  • Customization in wordpress admin panel
  • JSON Parsing
  • Push Notification