Baby Fairies

Project Description

Fairies, which we loved adoring and growing up with, no matter how old are we has always been a treat. Following your love for them, we created Baby Fairies. Our client wanted to make a perfect companion for a girl child, a virtual doll, a fairy doll. The idea behind Baby Fairies is to create a fantasy fairy land filled with a home, kitchen and cloths and blessed with the love for baby Unicorns, Pegasus and Dragons for taking care of a baby. A fantasyland mystified with picnic areas, palaces and beautiful dresses, Baby Fairies features includes:

  • Feed Them Fairy Food
  • Dress Them In Beautiful Outfits
  • Bathe Them In Their Outdoor Pond
  • Help Them Feed Their Pet Baby Dragon, Pegasus or Baby Unicorn!
  • Play A Match Game To Win Free Clothes!
  • Watch Their Little Wings Flutter As They Practice How To Fly!


An app made for a baby had to be extremely baby in its soul as well. We extensively used babyphilic color combinations combined with smooth transition effect for creating an eye soothing experience. For creating a baby friendly app we keep functionality as simple as possible, while trying to reduce number of taps for committing a task.

  • Coding the Animations
  • Designing Eye Soothing Graphics

Technical Details

iOS :

  • Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • COCOS2D Framwork
  • In-App Purchases