Technology Partners

On the path of becoming an emerging software development enterprise, we welcome you to be our partner and take advantage of our unusually tailor-made development services. No matter how big or small your project, it is in safe hands with us.Our partnership models are economical viable to your business, as we understand your specifications to deliver engaging and amazing mobile and web solutions. We will mentor in every step you take, shaping your thoughts and taking towards the best of your company. Our team at Origzo, well understands the challenges you face, trying to keep you a step ahead while assisting you through strategic analysis and creative and keen brainstorming participation. We have reached a new height in creativity making us tailor, highly personalized apps connecting people at heart making us feel obliged and empowered. When you collaborate with us through one of our partnership model, it starts a phase of instillation of your trust in us. We whole-heartedly work on your project, making it a commercial success worldwide. Whatever we state is directly reflected in the form of your application.

Origzo at Glance

  • Highly Technical
  • Dedicated To Clients
  • Security And Scalability
  • Offices in Two Continents
  • Well-Equipped Infrastructure
  • Experienced And Skilled Staff

Success Stories

  • I’ve been very satisfied all the way through with Origzo, which is why I’m already discussing future project with the same contractor.

  • I was working with many freelancers in a scattered way paying huge sum for managing my projects and still struggling in managing the projects. Then I found this team which has all answers to my concerns, they offered me dedicated developers for my project needs and now they work with me closely. I strongly recommend to work with this team on dedicated model as this gives you total freedom in terms of managing your own team with ease in reasonable costing.

  • “Origzo and its team met my expectations for this project. The cost compared to the quality of work is a good value. Since they did good work, I have rehired this team for additional 2 jobs to further evaluate their potential as a longer-term business partner. Its good to have dedicated resource model in place as I have so many projects which needs on time delivery and client management. No hassles in this model. Great work!”

  • Very responsive, daily updates, fast and high quality delivery. This is what I can say about Origzo’s dedicated resource model. For regular work flow management this is best solution. Cheers!

  • Origzo is our Game development partner on a dedicated basis for both iOS and Android. We are happy to give this testimonial that we are extremely happy with Origzo delivery service and processes. Origzo is continuously helping us in developing different games ranging from basic level to high complex level games on Cocos2d platform. We strongly recommend you to use Origzo services for your Software development needs on dedicated resource model.

  • We have associated ourselves with Origzo a number of times the quality of the work provided was simply extraordinary. They have an impressive responsiveness, follow up and professionalism. These are attributes that you can’t buy anywhere else. Origzo definitely inspires trust and confidence in their clients and they have truly demonstrated real-time ownership and it’s this commitment that makes us produce winning results.

  • Origzo team was very exceptional! We ran into many issues with the project, but it was not due to their efforts, instead it was mine. The source code I gave them for revision was scattered and not organized well. Recovering all of it’s loose ends was very tough, they politely relayed their concerns to me and delivered everything to specifications and even did their own research to improve my requested features. They delivered an exceptional build with patience, quality, and expertise. Definitely recommended !!!

  • I am non technical person though I know about mobile apps and how it works. I was just having an idea for my app, team @ Origzo is simply very helpful in terms of understanding my idea and bring my idea to life with proper conceptualization and drafting the accurate scope of work. They helped me in every way and done proper hand holding – be it technological or functional explanation. There consultative approach towards work and high class customer service support is just great. I am gonna use Origzo again. Kudos !!!

An Intuitive Experience

We use human gestures in our application for making them highly intuitive, you don’t have to know any language, any sort of training or need to use a handbook for using your app – designed by us, give it to a 3 year old and we assure he could use it, just like you. Every gesture that we added to your app including every tap and swipe are discussed to the finest of details, everything else is considered as clutter and discarded without giving a second though.

Achieving the Simplicity

The main thing in our design is, we make things go intuitively obvious. It means revisiting every experience until the clutter has fallen away and all that remains is what’s essential, useful, and beautiful. It might be an app’s first screen, a website home page or an e-commerce product page arranged and lit exactly so. A simple design ignites imagination and a complicated confuses users. What do you want for your products?

Our Technical Wizards

Our technical experts are our strength. So, to keep that strength alive we keep them updated with all the latest news and happenings in their work field. As a result they achieve a state of nirvana where urge to achieve acknowledgement and admiration make them happen, they leave no stone unturned, re-imagining for creating miracles in every development assignment.

How Can We Help?

We possess this simple art of converting ideas and dreams to reality. Did a brilliant idea just lighten up your mind? It might fade away. Ideas are rare and pure. Don’t give a second thought and convert it into a potential application that keeps you close to your existing as well as potential customers. Then here we are, to help you achieve this extraordinary feat – Craft your ideas into reality. We believe in sharing our skills along with your ideas, giving birth to a robust development service. Come get in touch with us to enliven your app idea by introducing yourself to the heart of app development technologies – Origzo.