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PHP is a free and open source computer programming language, it’s the world’s most used server-side scripting language essentially designed for web development involving dynamic web pages. PHP offers a free environment to create a web apps, with wide range of functionality, making your business’s virtual world to see your logo, list of services and hours of operation. It’s being used as scripting language in over 82.1% of all the websites including Facebook.com, Yahoo.com and Wikipedia.

These days’ businesses need a fast and easy to maintain website at a affordable rate, thanks to PHP’s open-source model and 1000s of tools and PHP based Content Management Systems, providing exactly the same. So get started, all you need is an expert PHP developer who can convert every aspects of your business into a website component, intelligently putting you on the internet.

Origzo + Open Source

Origzo has been providing PHP based web solutions including Core PHP development and various PHP based CMS offering like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. In addition, we provide add-ons like templates, themes and Plug-ins for major PHP based CMSs, enhancing core features. We also provide website migration between PHP based and other CMSs. As a leading PHP developer, we also provide solutions for enterprise level e-commerce using PHP based on Magento. We insist on providing best agility and security for any of our open source solution while enhancing user friendliness in end product.

Origzo’s PHP Based Open Source Services

Core PHP

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Origzo’s PHP Based Open Source Solutions

Origzo specializes in providing custom PHP solutions using various Open Source CMSs, in addition to corePHP offerings. We have a huge experience in creating PHP based websites using Open Source web platforms, suiting your business needs and decreasing costs.

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Experience, eagerness and earnestness lie under expressiveness when speaking of our brand. Origzo, a global mobile app development, consulting and outsourcing company with around 70 employees, has served more than 300 satisfied global clients along with an experience of developing more than 500 mobile applications. We believe in using our industry expertise in creating powerful technologies, capable of powering intelligent systems for deploying a platform for collaborative instances of leveraging consumers, enterprises and OEMs for sharing responsibilities and expanding benefits. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, we assure your ideas don’t remain passively on paper but turn into reality.

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