Windows Phone 8 Development

Windows Phone is relatively a new entrant in the world of smartphones dominated by the likes of Android and iOS. Designed and developed by Microsoft, as the successor of aging Windows Mobile, Windows Phone is a modern mobile OS offering a fresh user experience and design. Currently in its 4th generation with Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 offers features like drop down notification bar, personal digital assistant, health tracker and set of new APIs, fulfilling gap with competitive mobile OSes. Based on Windows NT kernels, it offers enterprise level security and high scalability. The new kernel base also facilitates porting of apps to and from other Windows product, also seamless synchronization with Windows 8 apps.

Unlike, the icon based UI of iPhone and Android, the UI of windows phone is heavily based on square and rectangular squares known as tiles, these tiles constituents the windows phone UI, also known as Metro UI. Every app can be pinned to start menu as live tiles, which shows fresh information from time to time, all tiles, together on the start screen gives a beautiful experience. The Windows Phone app store has around 2 millions apps, making it less competitive, easier to stand out with your app.

Origzo provides best in class Windows Phone developers with vast experience and skills in developing for Microsoft Platforms. They can develop Windows Universal App that can run on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 with no or little change, saving on developmental cost while targeting two platforms at a time. Our developers have been involved in Windows Phone development, since the 1st generation of this Microsoft OS – Windows Phone 7; they have coded many metro UI based apps in various niches including various enterprise apps.

Origzo Windows Phone App Development Experience

  • Highly Experienced MetroUI Developers
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developers
  • Experienced App Quality Testing Team
  • Easy Code Migration to Windows Based Devices
  • Guaranteed Approval on Windows Phone Store
  • Coding as Per Industry Specifications and Guidelines

Origzo Windows Phone Apps Development Services

  • Client’s Specific Applications
  • Integration of e-Commerce, CRM & CMS
  • XBOX Live Games Development
  • Windows Phone Enterprise Application
  • Universal Windows App Development
  • Metro/Tile Based UI/UX
  • Custom Marketing App Development
  • Windows Phone 7 to 8 App porting
  • Hire Windows Phone App Developer

Origzo Advantages

Origzo, a leading provider of Android app development services have successfully delivered and deployed productive and client driven Windows Phone Applications worldwide.

  • Highest developers’ standards providing tailored applications fulfilling every expectations.
  • Proficient task control and execution, particularly aiding concentration on your core capabilities.
  • Use of latest Windows Phone Development tools and APIs for delivering most featured and up-to-date Windows Phone application.
  • Designers demonstrate elegant taste in designing graphics, proudly reflecting a company’s image.
  • Creating a sense of imagination and conveying the brilliance as a solution.


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