Phonegap Apps Development

With new Mobile Platforms emerging these days, each having different set of coding paradigms and languages or a totally different framework, building a separate application for each of them can be a costly affair while highly time consuming. PhoneGap solves this by providing a standard platform by integrating web applications with mobile devices. This provides a “code once and run anywhere” environment supporting almost every mobile platform. Part of Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and licensed under Apache License, V 2.0, PhoneGap is a free and open source project, backed by Adobe.

PhoneGap has been downloaded over 1 million times and being used by over 400,000 developers. There are thousands of apps built using PhoneGap already deployed in various app markets.

Origzo has consistently delivered many cross platform mobile application using PhoneGap. We have a team of talented and experienced PhoneGap developers who have deployed 100+ application made by PhoneGap in various app marketplace. Origzo offers highly cost effective and multi-platform PhoneGap development services. In addition, we also provide PhoneGap enterprise services like Integrated cross-channel marketing, Mobile application management and Enterprise support & training.

Origzo PhoneGap App Development Experience

  • Open Source Project
  • Cross-platform Framework Compatibility
  • Develop Mobile Apps Using HTML5, JS & CSS3
  • Build Native Apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry With One Time Code
  • Supports Advances Technology to Interact With Hardware Functionality
  • Third Party API Integration
  • Testing & Porting over Multiple Mobile Application Platform
  • Remote and Local Debugging

Origzo PhoneGap App Development Services

  • PhoneGap Testing Services
  • Multiplatform Development Services
  • Hire PhoneGap App Developer
  • Post PhoneGap App Deployment Services
  • PhoneGap Remote and Local Debugging Services
  • App Signing Services
  • Custom PhoneGap Development

Origzo Advantages

Origzo, a leading provider of iPad app development services have successfully delivered and deployed productive and client driven iPad Applications globally.

  • Highest developers’ standards providing superior quality for tailor applications to our clients’ needs.
  • Proficient task control and execution, particularly aiding concentration on your core capabilities.
  • Designers demonstrate elegant taste in designing graphics, proudly reflecting a company’s image.
  • Creating a sense of imagination and delivering as a solution.


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