Mobile Web Development

The web, we normally access from the comfort of our desktops is moving towards mobile. However, websites which are normally designed for desktops, when accessed from a small sized mobile screen design looks pretty cramped and darn. In addition, a desktop heavy website slows down our memory constrained, battery operated mobile phones, making an unpleasant user experience, at worst; this could harm your brand. To avoid such potential problems in your business website, you should definitely consider building a mobile friendly website, along with your desktop offering. You can add mobile friendly site on top of your existing desktop website, depending upon your mobile strategy in two different ways:

Mobile Dedicated

They are completely different from their desktop version, a whole new website tailor made for mobile devices with new URL. To make this possible, usually content is trimmed leaving the most important features. The mobile website will also link to desktop version for convenience of users who want to access all features.

Mobile Responsive

Responsive website design enables the same website on same URL, adjusting itself according to the accessing device. To make this happen, site components will stay intact. The layout is rearranged, while images get rescaled according to the user’s device.

If you are too looking for dependable services for creating either a responsive or a dedicated mobile friendly website. Origzo is there to help, we can provide you with highest quality mobile web development solutions. We can build a sleek and lucid mobile website, fitting your budget and demand irrespective of target device’s resolution or screen size.

Origzo Mobile Web Development Experience

  • Wider Accessibility
  • Zoom/Move Product Images
  • Keep your Mobile Site Connected With Your Desktop
  • App-like Experience
  • Location Awareness
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multi-language Support

Origzo Mobile Web Development Services

  • Custom Mobile Web Development
  • Mobile Web Game Development
  • Mobile App to Mobile Web Conversion
  • Enterprise Mobile Web Development
  • Responsive Mobile Web Development
  • Dedicated Mobile Web Development
  • Hire Mobile Web Developer

Origzo Advantages

Origzo, a leading provider of Mobile web development services have successfully delivered and deployed productive and client driven mobile websites globally.

  • Get the feel and look similar to desktop version of site.
  • Minute details right from the look, to the accessibility of the website.
  • Get a mobile website optimized for touch devices like iPhone and Android.


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