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There are thousands of businesses, relying on Microsoft’s robust yet versatile .NET framework. .NET is often considered among first choice for businesses looking at better and efficient performance, a path of futuristic solutions, leading the way to a impressive business growth. Microsoft .NET framework provides a platform for prosperous businesses to deliver intuitive, innovative and effective business applications, targeting web and desktop for improved productivity and performance.

.NET is a powerful, language independent framework developed by Microsoft and available in both paid and premium packages. .NET is widely used for developing enterprise and web applications, offering highest level of security.

Origzo + Microsoft Services

If your business and its end-users rely heavily on “Microsoft OSes” like windows then you should consider .NET framework for all your programming needs. Origzo, a leading provider of .NET development services, targeting Windows based devices; it has been offering quality .NET services to both enterprises and individuals for quite a long time. Our developers are well trained in many .NET based CMSes and e-commerce platforms, providing you with highly versatile solutions in Microsoft .NET. In addition, we have developers having wide expertise in C# and VB, we also have a team specializing in developing Universal Windows App, running simultaneously on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 and lowering development cost.

Origzo’s DotNet Services

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Microsoft .NET is an integral part of many applications running on Windows provides common functionality for those applications to run.

Origzo’s DotNet Features

Microsoft’s .NET Framework is a set of development tools for providing Microsoft’s Windows based devices with a common development environment. A typical .NET framework offers large library of common programming problems, an IDE facilitating code writing and a virtual machine for managing the execution of code. The .NET Framework is the central Microsoft development tool and involved in developing app for every Windows based system.

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Experience, eagerness and earnestness lie under expressiveness when speaking of our brand. Origzo, a global mobile app development, consulting and outsourcing company with around 70 employees, has served more than 300 satisfied global clients along with an experience of developing more than 500 mobile applications. We believe in using our industry expertise in creating powerful technologies, capable of powering intelligent systems for deploying a platform for collaborative instances of leveraging consumers, enterprises and OEMs for sharing responsibilities and expanding benefits. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, we assure your ideas don’t remain passively on paper but turn into reality.

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