About HTML5/CSS3

HTML5 is not just a latest standard for HTML, it is a world apart, carrying legacy of 22 years HTML to modern web. It supports modern web component like rich content, animation, smooth graphics and hardware acceleration helpful for creating new generation of websites known as Web Apps or Web Applications.

Designed to replace HTML 4, XHTML, and the HTML DOM Level 2, HTML5 is cross-platform and designed to work on any platform whether it is PC, or a Tablet, a Smartphone, or a Smart TV.

Origzo + HTML5/CSS3

Origzo, has its strength in HTML development in both web and mobile, a consistent record producing world class web applications to businesses across the continents. Our, this expertise has put us on a calibre to develop quality WebApps using HTML5, making us constantly exploiting HTML5 features to make web, even more better. Today, Origzo have over 100 HTML5 WebApps under its portfolio, making itself a name in HTML5 development.

Origzo’s HTML5/CSS3 Services

HTML5 Application Development

UI design/

Mobile Application Development

Plug-In Development


CSS3 Website Development

Flash to HTML5 migration

Silverlight to HTML5 migration

Cross Platform Application Development

Origzo specializes in providing custom HTML5 solutions using Google plethora of Services. We have a huge experience
in creating HTML5/CSS3 based solutions using many platforms, suiting your business needs.

Origzo’s HTML5/CSS3 Features

HTML5 was more than just a new version of HTML. It was a world apart, written from scratch for the modern web. While the original HTML was written for the original web, this new version was made for web 2.0 and mobile. HTML5 features completely new lot of features, changing the way we interact with the web, opening doors for new possibilities. Developed as collaboration project between the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG), here are some of its features

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Experience, eagerness and earnestness lie under expressiveness when speaking of our brand. Origzo, a global mobile app development, consulting and outsourcing company with around 70 employees, has served more than 300 satisfied global clients along with an experience of developing more than 500 mobile applications. We believe in using our industry expertise in creating powerful technologies, capable of powering intelligent systems for deploying a platform for collaborative instances of leveraging consumers, enterprises and OEMs for sharing responsibilities and expanding benefits. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, we assure your ideas don’t remain passively on paper but turn into reality.

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