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Dynamic Market Trends, platform fragmentations, engagement dynamics, supply chain crunches, frequently changing mobile landscapes, rapid pace of technology combined with a lasting yet heavy impact of surroundings, all this can have a serious effect on smooth proceedings of a business. This effect is even more profound when it comes to SMEs, as they lack expertise and management of a large organization, unable to handle such level of resistance, creating even bigger challenges for themselves. Achieving a sustainable development in this changing paradigm is a challenging path, complex yet critical. Adapting a similar path towards this differentiation and varied sustenance requires frequent interventions, helping SMEs to attain a successful proactive business and a sustainable revenue model.

Origzo + Enterprise

Origzo is an enterprise focused technology solutions provider, having a huge experience in implementing latest technologies on the top of your business offerings. We have executed numerous projects in the field of Manufacturing, Logistics, Trading and Distribution across various business verticals. In addition, we have a large experience of delivering packaged applications in the form of ERPs, CRMs & HRMS. We also provide mobile app based enterprise solution, both as an extension to primary offering and standalone enterprise application. Our endeavor remain in customizing & maintaining business applications as per the enterprise needs, ensuring an efficient process cycle for your business while achieving highest level of scalability.

Origzo’s Enterprise Consultation Services


Alluring Enterprise Application structure design


Resilient Enterprise Application database design


Intuitive Enterprise Application UI/UX design

Cross Platform

Affordable Cross-Platform Enterprise Development

App Porting

Legacy enterprise application porting to latest software environment


Magnificent Re-platforming of existing applications

Our Enterprise Consulting Process

At Origzo, we are constantly dedicated to provide enterprise focused technology solutions. We have been delivering these solutions for fulfilling various needs an enterprise faces on the long run, strategically devising every step you take as an enterprise to success. Our Enterprise Consulting Process:


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Experience, eagerness and earnestness lie under expressiveness when speaking of our brand. Origzo, a global mobile app development, consulting and outsourcing company with around 70 employees, has served more than 300 satisfied global clients along with an experience of developing more than 500 mobile applications. We believe in using our industry expertise for creating powerful technologies, capable of empowering intelligent systems for deploying a platform for collaborative instances of leveraging consumers, enterprises and OEMs for sharing responsibilities and expanding benefits. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, we assure your ideas don’t remain passively on paper but turn into reality.

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