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We have worked on over 500 projects globally, each project having unique sets of requirement. It has been a part of our vision to serve every level of need in mobile and web development and customizing our offering accordingly. We have always strived to provide customized solutions, flexible and convenient engagement along with pricing models. Origzo engagement models have been always been tried to meet any type of app development requirements, here we have explained for helping our customers, deciding the appropriate combination of engagement that would work for them

Unleash the best for your business, an Engagement Model with a difference

  • Do you have an idea to be put in an app, or an app stuck in some development phase?
  • Are your app development efforts going in vain, due to unavailability of skilled resources at affordable price?
  • Is lack of skilled manpower and infrastructure coming between you and your dream project?
  • Put an end to those hassles and limitations. Congrats yourself, we are here to help.
Get on with our Dedicated Engagement Models

Hire Dedicated Developer Model

  • Identify the right resources
  • Well trained and skilled resources
  • Long-term association building trust
  • Lower developmental and support costs
  • Builds knowledge regarding your application and products

On Site Model

  • Tightly controlled projects
  • Well-defined project specifications
  • Rigid budgetary constraints
  • Face-to-face client dealings
  • Zero communication gaps
  • Specialist professional work on the project
  • Precise project scope and timeline
Our journey of Engagement Model doesn’t just ends here,
there are more of Engagement Models that we serve.

Price Based Models

em 1 Fixed Price In cases where customer has clearly identified portions of work to be outsourced and there is enough clarity about scope and complexity of work, the Fixed Cost model can prove to be suitable from both parties. em 2 Hourly/Monthly Price This traditional model of costing, also known as Time & Material Models, it offers simplicity and flexibility required for long-term engagements. This model is non-intrusive in nature enabling to focus on executing work and quality, than costs.

Project Based Models

em 3 Project Based In this type of business model, a team of developer, generally at an off shore centre works until the completion of all project parameters. This model is used when the specifications of your project and the scope of your engagement are well defined. em 4 Project Consultation In Project Consultation, services and the scope of the project is strategized by the consulting firm including projecting timeline, cost and sustainability. On that basis, the future of project development is decided.

At Origzo, we like to give utmost flexibility, the way we work with you. Thus, we provide you with flexible packages trying to fulfil every requirement whether based on time, money or their combination. We have tried to cover almost every way you can engage with us. In case we have missed something, feel free to contact us directly and we’ll provide you with possible solution.

Advantages of Origzo’s Engagement Model

  • A world of expert IT resources with varied skill sets
  • Option to screen and shortlist resources as per your requirements
  • Control over team size, structure and processes
  • Complete safeguard of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Copyrights
  • Full control over work flows
  • Complete transparency, versatility and security
  • Control development and maintenance cost
  • Ready to use infrastructure


Still got a question or two, about one of our dedicated model?

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