M-Commerce Development

With the advent of mobile phones particularly smartphones, running hundred of apps and with every second big name offering their mobile app, the smartphones has become the newest revolution in the handheld industry. Like every business, the world of eCommerce too tried to exploit this revolution to its advantages, leading to the emergence of m-commerce. Today, m-commerce has been used as a popular term for “online shopping with mobile device”, and gaining interests away from traditional eCommerce.

This is the appropriate time for retailers and marketers to start paying close attention to this platform shift. So, they can develop strategies to meet the evolving needs of their customers. There is a need to understand the difference between eCommerce and m-commerce, and to design separate strategy for each of them. As, an established web store doesn’t always translate into an equivalent mobile eCommerce store because an m-commerce offering is more specific and relies heavily on app layout and UI, in contrast to traditional eCommerce. However, customers who have downloaded your app on their devices are more likely to do shopping, then those using web, also choosing and installing an app on ones device give rises to a long-term and loyal customer comparatively.

With m-commerce still in its early phase, there are yet hundreds of established online eCommerce businesses, still trying a successful hand into mobile eCommerce space, but lack a clear conscience, making a perfect time for new comers to take on the world of m-commerce by storm, before those big brands do. There are many industry examples of small apps rocking while big brands struggling, case may not be conspicuous to m-commerce, but you can make an exception with the right strategy. If you too have an eCommerce website, doing rather good, we can make it great, all it takes – a right strategy executed timely.

At Origzo, we are helping small time eCommerce houses to big brands with an appropriate m-commerce solution, either on the top of their existing eCommerce website or as a separate offering. We offer highly specific m-commerce solution in the form of either a mobile app or a mobile website. We have a vast experience in converting many brick and mortar shops into m-commerce centric hubs, as well as converting many legacy eCommerce websites into exciting m-commerce solutions, providing solutions for both: beginners and the experts. Our developers are sophisticatedly trained to provide your business with an independent mobile eCommerce solution, offering you a consistent app based m-commerce solution across all devices including iPhone, Android and Windows.

M-Commerce Development With Origzo

  • eCommerce Store on the GO
  • Unlimited Products
  • 100% Customizable
  • Multilingual Support
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Cross Platform Development

Origzo’s M-Commerce Development Services

  • m-Commerce Market Assessment
  • m-Commerce Mobile App Development
  • eCommerce to m-Commerce
  • Online WebShop to m-commerce
  • Mobile Wallet
  • m-Commerce Procurement Services
  • m-Commerce Marketing
  • m-Commerce Solution Provision End to End Architecture
  • m-Commerce Banking

Origzo’s M-Commerce Development Advantages

  • Experts in providing latest mobile shopping solutions.
  • Implementing m-Commerce strategy.
  • Delivering m-Commerce solutions suiting business needs.
  • Excellent eBusiness consultants through experienced developers.
  • Expert support service for instant guidance.

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