Online Reputation Services

It only takes one irate customer or unscrupulous competitor to damage your brand, a brand made with lots of hard work and money. This is specially a risk for small businesses because they are mostly unaware of any reputation ruining drive against them or lack counter actions. There are some honest cases too, but most are deliberate act of ruining reputation, mostly calculated and highly specific. It’s a huge world online and a rival determined to negate your image is hard to detect, forget about stopping, time to counter measures to mark down those negative parts your rival is creating, time to hire Reputation Management Services.

If your are relying too much on social media for your digital marketing needs, then you’re at even a higher risk. A small negative review can be exploited by your competitor and be converted into a viral anti marketing campaign. Imagine your brand being victimised with documented shortcomings and mistakes, regardless of accuracy, will quickly become favourite topic among gossipmongers. How many companies can survive this?

How Online Reputation Service works?

Online Reputation Services are purely based on Newton’s third law of motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Online Reputation Services also works in this fashion, for every negative review you get, and positive review is posted, negating each other.

Origzo’s Online Reputation Management Services

  • Internet Image Control Services
  • Online Visibility Enhancement and Control Services
  • Online Criticism Management Services
  • Online Threat Control Services
  • Online Rumour Control Services
  • Negative Brand Publicity Prevention and Hiding

Online Reputation Management Services Advantages

Luckily, Origzo’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) campaign can take you a step ahead of your competitors, giving you interesting insights about solving this particular problem while magnifying your positivity.

  • Take Control Of Your Image Over The Internet.
  • Enhance Visibility Of Your Positive Mentions And Those Of Your Business.
  • Manage Criticism To Remove.
  • Stay Vigilant As Well As Proactive.
  • Track What’s Being Said And Where It Is Being Said.
  • Counter The Rumours And Stop Their Propagation.
  • Address Negative Views And Reviews.


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