Digital Marketing Management

Trust your content to the experts. Get it acquired, or encode, store, transcode with our digital media experts.

With so many firms actively involved in Digital marketing and using several of its mediums and channels for promoting their businesses. As the digital marketing grows, so does the aggregation of digital Medias, turning this cluster of media files from few MBs to 100s of GBs. This makes management and storage of these files, especially videos and images media a big challenge, also increases the cost of storage.

Not every business has the resource and capacity to store this volume of data, creating typical big data issue for them. In addition to storing and managing this size of data, it should be also available handy, if required for any upcoming task. Moreover, it should be stored in a secure environment to avoid any illegitimate use and be protected by copyright.

At Origzo, we help many small and large businesses manage their media content. Our team digital media experts works closely to your digital stuffs, identifying which part in digital media can enhance your efficiency, effectiveness, and ROI the most. We provide robust storing environment for your digital stuffs, on the top of a secure storing environment. Also, we makes your digital stuff readily available.

In this rapidly changing digital media scenario, we work with you, providing strategic viewpoints and draft action plans.

Origzo DMM Experience

  • Media Auditing
  • Strategy and Planning Consultancy
  • Pitch Management
  • Process Consulting
  • Contract Consulting

Origzo DMM Services

  • Digital Media Acquisition
  • Digital Media Encoding
  • Digital Media Transcoding
  • Digital Media Storage
  • Digital Media Management
  • Digital Media Compression
  • Digital Media Indexing
  • Securing Digital Media

Origzo Advantages

  • Best in class digital media and assets management.
  • Highly scalable and secure digital media storing environment.
  • Low cost digital media management services with emphasis on maintaining integrity of data.
  • Easy and secure transfer of data from secure environment to any point of interest.


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