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With hundreds of App stores, millions of applications, countless downloads and tens of mobile platforms, mobile app world is seriously turning into a battleground. A battleground where standing out your app with traditional offerings like “functionality and features” are not sufficient, making you to come out with something unique and creative, to be implemented in your existing app marketing strategy. There are many channels for promoting your app – inside an app store or on the web, using only one channel will not work, there is need to work on different channels simultaneously, consistently targeting different combinations, evaluating the outcomes, the one, working best for you and using it in your long-term App marketing strategy.

With around 900,000 apps in the Apple App Store and over 1 million in the Google Play Store, making a mark in an App store is difficult, which get even more difficult if you’re an independent app developer.

Origzo, an app marketing expert are providing App marketing solution, providing tailor made solutions from enterprises to indie developers. We have an expertise in understanding every app category, whether utility or enterprise, using this understanding, we provide our clients with sustainable and effective mobile app marketing strategy.

Origzo’s Mobile App Marketing Services

  • App Pre-Launch Strategy
  • App Store Optimization Services
  • Post -Launch Marketing Strategy Development
  • Application Revenue Model Generation Services
  • Social Media App Marketing
  • Alternate Store Deployment Services
  • Apple App Store App Marketing Services
  • Google Play App Marketing Services
  • Amazon Kindle App Marketing Services
  • Windows App Marketing Services
  • Ad-sense Integration Services
  • In-App Store Marketing
  • In-App Purchases Marketing Services

Benefits Origzo’s Mobile App Marketing Services

  • Application pre-launch campaign to create a buzz.
  • Strategically-timed app launch to grab maximum users attention.
  • Post-launch viral campaigns.
  • In-app advertising through other popular apps.
  • Exciting updates and perks to make existing users revisit the app.
  • Promotions on recent functionality upgrades to hook new users.
  • Paid promotion and review generation to drive downloads.
  • Suggestions for new upgrades based on user feedback.
  • Maintaining communication with users to ensure app popularity.
  • Establishing touch point with users to build value for the brand.

With Origzo you can standout with your latest app offering irrespective of App store. We provide you with integrated and cost efficient App marketing strategy and technique, targeting many app stores at once. With Origzo, we offer you peace of mind from development to deployment, deployment to till you app become an App store celebrity.


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