Client Confidentiality

When a client comes to work with us, we ensure that the business relationship is strictly secured along with the privacy it demands. When any client approaches us with an idea, he also expects that the idea is stored and then nurtured as he is planning to have a business from it. Maintaining the said trust is of utmost priority to us.

Client NDA

We have standard non disclosure agreement defined at Origzo. Before commencing any discussion, We sign NDA with client to ensure security and privacy of project. We never reveal purpose, scope, technology, server details, user details or any kind of information related to project with anyone.

Defined Contracts

When we start working with our client , we make a defined contract that hightlights project execution schedule, resource allocation, project IP access and payment milestones. This ensures that the business is secured from both the ends.

IP Protection

Dedicated resources will be available to work on your project throughout its execution. This prevents any kind of unauthorized usage or damage of data. We have an ethical framework which stops resources to change their IP during execution.

Employee NDA

We strictly get NDA signed by our employees at a time of joining Origzo which binds them from disclosing any proprietary information directly or indirectly to anyone in or outside company. They are not allowed to get engaged in any business during employment.

Data/Network Security

We have a strong firewall installed on our server to ensure access is restricted outside development premises. Regular software updates and security patches are installed to keep everything updated. Users are authenticated before use of any server information. We audit developer’s system regularly to ensure security level.

Intellectual Rights

The final owner of all the rights for any project outsourced to us is the end Client himself. We define this in the contract itself before commencing the work. This helps the client to function at ease with us throughout the project. All his data is secured and handed over at the end of the project.

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