Umbraco Development

Umbraco is a free and open source content management framework, based on ASP.NET, it relies heavily on Microsoft Services. Distributed under the MIT License and Umbraco license for Backend and UI respectively, Umbraco is completely written in C# and deployed on Microsoft based infrastructure and uses Microsoft SQL for storing database. A leading .NET based open source CMS system, Umbraco has over 200,000 installations and is one of the most deployed Web CMS on the Microsoft stack. A widely used .net based CMS listed among top five most popular server applications and among the ten most popular open source tools.

Umbraco is backed by a combination of open-source backing in the form of fantastic, friendly and dedicated open-source community and a commercial backing in form of the commercial entity behind the project, the Umbraco HQ. Carrying the legacy of this balance has made Umbraco one of the fastest growing platforms for building websites. Whether it is the official website of a tech-giant or the website of your neighbouring grocery store, Umbraco covers you both ways while taking your best interests.

Origzo Umbraco Development Experience

  • Option of Closed or Open Source Development
  • Dual Support – Community and Professional
  • Easy and Fast Support
  • Plenty of Ready to Use Packages
  • Full Control over Design and Markup
  • Full CSS Control
  • Easy Collaboration with Silverlight and Adobe Flash
  • Powerful Development Framework
  • Multilingual Support
  • Integrated .NET Controls

Origzo Umbraco Development Services

  • Umbraco Module Development
  • Umbraco Skin Design Services
  • Umbraco Portal Development, Data Management & Storage
  • Business Logic and Data Integration
  • 3rd Party Module Integration
  • Extensive QA & Testing
  • Professional Umbraco Support Services
  • Umbraco Administration & Maintenance

Origzo Advantages

Origzo, a leading provider of Umbraco development services have successfully delivered and deployed productive and client driven Umbraco Websites.

  • Highest developers’ standards providing superior quality for tailor applications to our clients’ needs.
  • Proficient task control and execution, particularly aiding concentration on your core capabilities.
  • Use of latest Umbraco release for secure and reliable website.
  • Existing Umbraco Website maintenance and testing for bug fixing.
  • Creating a sense of imagination and conveying the brilliance as a solution.
  • Experience of developing Umbraco websites in wide array of niches including e-commerce, social and marketing websites.


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