Custom CMS

If you are stuck in a cross road between having rich content management suite or control of your site, then Custom CMS is your answer. While, a rich CMS suite can confuse user with lots of functionality, in contrast, a non-CMS implementation can deprive user from some core functionality. To counter this issue, it is better to take the middle path, also known as Custom CMS.

A custom CMS can get you away from a complex off the shelf content management systems, building you a unique system, featuring only what you require. So, a custom CMS provides with only those features, you ask for, nothing less or more. Yes, a custom CMS is scalable and expendable, allowing you to add features as you need them.

At Origzo, we minutely consider client’s requirements, developing a set of client feedback system before providing them with final Custom CMS Solution, allowing us easily tackle complex requirements and providing clients with exactly, what they want. With Origzo developing your content managed website you will get a solution that is uncluttered, simple while highly usable, rather being too complex to use on a odd occasion or unreliable, making updating your website a herculean task.

Our CMS developers are providing custom Content Management System that are very specific to a clients requirement, tailor made to only convert the real requirements and expectations in the final Custom CMS implementation. They have a rich experience in delivering quality PHP and .Net based custom CMS solutions globally.

Origzo Custom CMS Development Experience

  • Functionalities With Scalable Architecture
  • SEO-friendly Design and Structure
  • Support for Real-time Analysis Tools
  • Multilingual Support
  • Planned Data Management and Security Protocols
  • Single Admin Panel Control
  • Simple and Friendly Admin Panel

Origzo Custom CMS Development Services

  • Custom Web Development Services
  • PHP Custom CMS Development Services
  • .Net Custom CMS Development Services
  • Custom Plug-in Development Services
  • Custom Module Development Services
  • Custom Theme Development Services
  • Custom Data Management Solutions
  • Custom Admin Panel Solutions

Origzo Advantages

  • CMS customization services strictly featuring additions and subtraction as per your website requirements.
  • Custom CMS solutions providing that extra security layer to your online business presence.
  • Renowned name in providing Custom CMS solutions, adding flexibility & functionality.
  • Flexible Custom CMS development in PHP and .Net.


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